The gable roof, or a sloping type of roof, consists of two sides that join in a peak at the middle. It is among the most common design of roof in homes and sheds. It is actually two large pieces of slanted roof materials joined together.


Weather Resistant

The pitch of the roof on a gable shed can be adjusted during construction to have a steep or more level pitch on each side. The ability to modify the pitch of the slant can help in diverting snow, rain, or sleet away from the shed, preventing a heavy build-up that could damage the roof over time.

The snow, rain, or sleet will run off the roof’s edges, providing a good displacement system for a customized shed. This is particularly useful in areas that normally experience heavy snow and rain.

More Space

A shed with a gable roof offers more space than other shed types. The vaulted ceiling of a gable shed provides extra space that other styled roofs may not offer.


A gable roof provides both protection and aesthetics to the shed. When this style of roof is constructed using colored roof materials, the result will be very appealing to the eyes. You do not only provide protection to your shed, you also add beauty to it. You can use any color combination in your gable roof, to provide contrast or to complement the landscape.