A storage shed is a necessary addition to any house, especially for a homeowner with no garage, because storage sheds can double as their main storage area. A storage shed is a good place for storage of lawn and garden equipment and tools that need to be sheltered from the elements of weather and risk of damage or theft.


A homeowner who has basic knowledge of carpentry can easily build a DIY storage shed. The use of inexpensive modular construction materials makes the construction of a shed easy and affordable. The real savings with DIY shed plans will come from you avoiding the fee that professional contractors or carpenters normally charge for this kind of project.

Storage shed plans

A traditional storage shed usually measures around 10 feet by 12 feet for a 120 square-foot area. A custom-built shed of this size normally costs around $2745 as per the estimates of the Craftsman National Building Cost Estimator. This gives us a cost of $22.85 per square foot of storage shed.

Cost of DIY shed plans

Building a 120-square foot do-it-yourself storage shed will definitely cost a lot less than the estimated $2745 because the homeowner need not pay himself the carpenter??s professional fees.

The cost of a storage shed can be broken down as follows:

  • Walls and roofing ??/strong> Good quality, pressure-treated lumber will be ideal for the posts, usually 4×4, and the 2×8 beams. Rafters, galvanized bolts, angle brackets, and joist hangers will be needed. The walls and roofing will cost approximately $930 while the roofing panels will cost $108.
  • Electrical ??/strong> Depending on the use of the storage shed, electrical work may be required. Electrical installation prices can vary greatly. If full wiring, in compliance with the city building code, will be installed, it will cost the homeowner more because they will be required to hire the services of a licensed electrician in addition to the cost of materials. If extensive wiring is not needed, many people use extension cords on an as-needed basis.
  • Concrete foundation and floor ??/strong> If your storage shed requires a concrete floor, the concrete foundation will be approximately 11 feet by 13 feet and 6 inches deep. At $75 per cubic yard of concrete, the foundation will come to $832. An alternative is to use wood foundation that will be advantageous on sites that slope. While wood foundation is not durable as concrete, it will be a lot cheaper. A wood foundation will cost about $250.

A DIY storage shed will cost around $1900 if the homeowner will be using a concrete foundation. If a concrete foundation is not required, the cost will be approximately $1300 if a wood foundation is used instead.