I get many readers asking which foundation is best. Well, it??s like asking which of my children I like the best. My response is that they are wonderful in their own special way!



Video by gregvan.com showing the different shed foundation types.

Wood Skids

Portable Option.  For those that may want to move the structure in the future. To begin, prepare the site by removing grass and create a level dirt area.  If you have water or drainage issues, Remove the top 3-4 inches of soil and fill the entire space with gravel. Pea gravel is best. If you don??t a water problems, fill the area where the skids will be with gravel.  You may want to consider adding a weed barrier as well to prevent growth under the shed.

Skids should be at least 4??wide X 6??tall and be pressure treated or redwood to prevent decay. Use a level to make sure the skids are level.

Tie the skids to the shed together by toenailing the outer joists and rim joists to each other and then the skid.  Make sure your box is square first. (Picture of squareing a square)

A good video by icreatables.com showing how to create a good shed foundation.


Concrete Pier Block


Concrete Pier

leveling a shed foundation