After building your DIY shed, why not landscape around your storage shed so that its beauty complements your home? The landscaping of a storage shed must look complementary to the landscaping around the home. In fact, it must be an extension of the home landscaping to create a continuous effect. You do not want your guests to admire your landscaping only for them to feel transported into another plane upon reaching your storage shed.


Plants and ornamental features can be used to complement the home landscaping or to provide a different accent but still within the overall landscaping theme and design. Regardless of the appearance of your shed, the proper design can make it blend naturally with the rest of the property. Even the oldest or shabbiest shed can be given a new lease on life through landscaping.

Do not use colorful plants around a shabby shed, as it will only accentuate its appearance. Instead, use green shrubbery around older sheds to give it a look of natural beauty and aging.

Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping around your shed does not require genius but just a little bit of imagination and creativity. Consider the following ideas:

  • Lay mulch ??/strong> Laying much will give immediate visual appeal to the area. Mulch also helps suppress weeds. Mulch can easily be purchased from home or garden centers as well as from nursery and landscape suppliers, and it??s virtually maintenance-free.
  • Plant annuals ??/strong> Annuals or hardy plants will add color to your yard without the need for the daily attention that delicate plants require. They can be planted in front of the shed or around the perimeter and will provide year-round beauty.
  • Create a pathway ??/strong> Adding a pathway from the house to the shed is a creative and beautiful complement to the mulch and annuals. The pathway could range from the simple to the complex, depending on how much effort and money you are willing to spend. Get creative with your pathway and consider laying it with stone, gravel, brick, or wood chips.