Maritime Day is Sunday, May 22, and if the annual occasion has you longing for a day on the beach, you’re not alone. Many of us hear the call of the ocean, but far fewer have access to it on a regular basis. If you are an ocean-lover, you can bring the sea to your backyard or garden with a nautical shed.

Maritime Day Nautical Shed

(Pixabay / Maatkare)

With a nautical-themed escape, you can enjoy a good book or a cocktail in the same spirit as you would for a seaside getaway. It’s a simple way for inland-dwellers to get their ocean fix.

The following are some nautical seaside themes that you can use to transform your ordinary backyard or garden shed:

  • Anchor-decorated hut – Paint your shed white and hang an anchor on the outside wall. Add white pieces of furniture, and paint the floor sea blue to give the feel of an ocean beneath your feet.
  • Sea hut – Paint your shed using aqua blue outside and white inside. Add pieces of furniture that use the same color motifs. Install wooden tiles on the floor to create the feel of a wooden pier or the deck of a boat.
  • Beach hut shed – Elevate the shed off the ground. Build a porch similar to that of a beach house or lifeguard hut. Paint the shed using a combination of blue and white. Install stairs. Decorate the porch with signal flags and a life preserver.
  • “Dinner on the beach” – You can transform your garden shed into a venue for small nautical-themed dinner parties. Paint the walls of the shed aqua blue and the ceiling and floor white. Set out a folding table and chairs, and decorate the wall with a big world map. String up some lights, and you’re all set for a seaside dinner.

Using your creativity and imagination, you can transform your old garden or backyard shed into a maritime escape that you will enjoy for years to come.