I spend a few hours purusing the internet looking at some of the other plan companies on the internet and it left me feeling very happy. Why do I say that? Well I’ll give you a few reasons. Let me explain by giving you a look at the outdoor plans marketplace.

There are basically three types of online plan providers:

The first type of plan site is a one page website that claims to offer thousands and thousands of plans in one purchase. It sounds great but I have been a victom of this scam. Most of the plans are of poor quality and are already found on the internet for free. Many plans are incomplete, only have 1 page of content, and some are very hard to see and understand. Customer service is non-existent, so there is no hope for a refund or help with a plan.

Another type of plan provider is usually found through some sort of online magazine publication. These plans are usually higher priced but do not include a lot of information. Plans usually have 4-8 pages of instructions. They may come with a material list and not much else. Because these types of plans come from a large corporation, the customer service will be impersonal and not experienced with helping someone through a construction project.

The last type of plan website is what DIY-Plans.com does. We are real people, making good plans, providing good service and value. We know the only way to make money is to provide a product that people want and find value in. There are only a few of these types of businesses. And DIY-Plans.com strives to be the best. Most of our plans are over 30 pages of detailed information, they include a material list in excel format that you can take to the hardeware store so you can price out your project. We strive to answer your emails the same day and help you with whatever project you are working on.

We are a newer company that is doing things differently in the industry and we hope you like it!