Read Across America Day is observed on March 2 in celebration of reading. Reading opens many doors in life. The holiday shines a light on the importance of reading to learn new things, expand the mind and boost imagination.

Handy Man Book List

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Reading figures into our lives on a daily basis. Without reading, we couldn??t understand the instructions that come with the devices we buy or make our way through a newspaper. Reading allows us to be aware of what is going on in the other parts of the world that we cannot physically visit. It enables us to understand differences in the people around us and to learn from experts about how to improve our lives.

Thanks to reading, we can acquire important skills. For example, you may need to fix things around your home but lack the know-how. A book or website can help you navigate the process. Armed with good reading material on how to build a shed, for example, you can succeed even if you haven??t had much previous construction experience.

If you want to improve your handy man skills, consider the following books:

  • ??Stylish Sheds and Elegant Hideaways: Big Ideas for Small Backyard Destinations????/strong> Written by Debra Prinzing, this book features 28 shed designs. It opens a world of possibilities for sheds, from the humble and functional to the luxurious and elaborate. It??s low in detailed instructions but big on great ideas and is a good resource if you are still in the conceptual phase of shed building.
  • ??Backyard Building: Tree Houses, Sheds, Arbors, Gates, and Other Garden Projects (Countryman Know How)??by Jean Stiles and David Stiles ??/strong> The book is suited to the new builder with detailed plans for building everything from a shed to garden boxes.
  • ??Family Handyman Whole House Repair Guide: Over 300 Step-by-Step Repairs????/strong> Published by the Editors of Family Handyman, the book imbues readers with both the know-how and confidence to fix things and save money in the process. The book covers the most basic home repairs, ranging from floor to ceiling projects.

Do-it-yourself books enable people to save money by not having to call in the professionals every time there is a small problem. DIY may seem daunting, but good reading resources can make it doable.