With the do-it-yourself craze raging, people are eager toget their hands dirty and create things on their own. There’s a certain gratification that comes with working hard to produce something tangible. Building a shed is one pursuit that will expand your skill set. It will serve as a hefty DIY accomplishment and a monument to your skills and hard work.

Why Choose DIY-Plans

Unless you have previous experience with construction, you will likely be starting from ground zero when you build your first shed. Building a structure, no matter how large or small, requires a plan before you start cutting lumber and hammering nails.

There are many companies that offer plans for building a shed. There are even companies that offer free shed plans, but those mostly just provide a sketch and basic measurements. DIY-Plans.com, under the strong leadership of the father-and-son team of Guy and Cody Burdett, is a recognized leader in shed plans. Our plans offer nine different shed styles, with multiple sizes each. Builders can choose from the following plans: Gable, Gambrel, Garden, Modern, Lean-to, Arbor, and Saltbox. We also offer plans for playsets, two-stall horse runs, and large dog houses.

Competitors offer a wide variety of shed plans, too, but they often leave you on your own to decide how to cut your wood—a challenging part of the shed-building process.

DIY-Plans will provide you with a list of materials to purchase, tools to have ready, and wood cuts to make—all in an easy-to-read Excel format. It’s like having a private building tutor walk you through the process.

While most companies mail your shed plans, we allow you to download your plans instantly at checkout. At DIY-Plans, we are passionate about our shed instructions and the opportunity to support our customers’ DIY efforts.