Modern Shed Plans

Modern shed plans have increased in popularity the last few years.  DIY-Plans is proud to offer over 30 sizes of modern shed designs.  Modern sheds are known to have lots of straight angles and sleek materials.  The roof has a nice gradual decline and it’s usually taller in the front than in the back.  All of our modern shed plans feature windows about the door.  We even included an instructional page with information for building your own window using wood trim and plexi glass (or real glass).

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We offer three different base sizes.  8x wide, 10x wide, and 12x wide.  We love designing modern shed plans and we want to share in our joy.  All of our plans include over 32 pages of shed building content.  Not to mention it’s all in color, and the images are in 3D so you can understand it better.  Check out all of our modern designs and feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our plans.  We are on this earth to provide shed building bliss.