About DIY-Plans' Shed Plan Builders

shed plan builder

Guy Burdett

With over thirty years of construction experience, this “Guy” is literally the architect of this business. He is a licensed general contractor, draftsman, and the visionary of this business. He is extremely knowledgeable and quick to answer any construction question.

He’s personally built many sheds, shops, and other outdoor structures including tiny homes.  Over the years Guy has designed and built many custom homes,  He loves what he does and has a passion for designing and building unique plans. He is married and has four children and ten grandchildren.

shed plans builder

Cody Burdett

Cody started working construction before he could even remember.  He was right there next to his father.  Everything he knows, comes from his dad teaching him. He started built sheds as a teenager as a wrestling fundraiser. He loves building and the sense of accomplishment it gives.

He loves entrepreneurship, marketing and finance. His business role in DIY-Plans is focused on customer service satisfaction and marketing. He has worked as a woodshop teacher, real estate agent, and is currently a high school wrestling coach. He has a beautiful wife and three amazing little kids.