The first step in building a storage shed is to determine the shed design. There are different designs of storage sheds, with the gable and gambrel iterations as the most popular sheds in terms of aesthetics and storage volume.

Gable or Gambrel

(Pixabay / hifijohn)

Gable Roof

The gable roof, popularly known as the A-frame, is the most universal roofline in storage sheds. Many people want their storage to match their house, so they opt for a gable shed to match their A-frame home. The gable roof consists of two sloping sides that join in a peak at the middle. The A-frame is actually two large pieces of slanted roof materials joined and attached together.

This style of roof uses minimal amounts of materials compared with other roofs. It is the most economical way of putting a cover on the top of your shed. The high demand for gable roofs helps to keep the production cost low.

The pitch or slant of the roof can be adjusted to suit your preference. The pitch is useful in diverting rain, sleet, or snow away from the shed to prevent heavy build-up that could damage the roof. A shed with a gable roof offers extra space, thanks to its vaulted ceiling. Installing a mezzanine floor to make an attic area or an extra storage room could maximize the roof space.

Gambrel Roof

The gambrel roof is also known as the barn style. It offers more storage volume per square foot than a shed with a gable roof. The roofline allows the construction of a loft to provide extra storage space within the shed. The design of the gambrel roof evokes a rural setting and may not pair well with some house designs.

The disadvantage of the gambrel roof, despite is uniquely attractive style, is that it requires more materials and labor than the gable. The gambrel shed is typically about 15 percent more expensive than the gable option.

Your choice of design will depend on your storage needs, your style preferences and your budget. You can order a pre-fabricated shed, have someone build it for you, or build it yourself. makes it affordable and easy for even beginners to build their own gable or gambrel shed. We provide detailed plans, a cut list, and a materials list.