Building a storage shed can be fun and rewarding, especially if you involve your family and friends in the project. Constructing a shed is a great way to get your feet wet in the do-it-yourself movement. Shed building is simple enough that you can achieve relatively quick success, even if you haven??t done much building in the past. Most shed plans come with simple, step-by-step instructions that you can easily follow.

Tools for Building a Shed

(Pixabay / cccalanpollock)

Before you start building, though, it??s important to gather the construction tools you will need. That way, you can get to the store if you need to purchase tools you don??t currently have. For tools you do own, you can have them ready rather than having to cast around for them mid-project.

Here??s a list of some of the most important tools.

  • Safety glasses ??Each person who will be working on the shed construction must wear safety glasses. Splinters and sparks could fly during construction of the shed, and it is very important to protect your eyes.
  • Tape measure ??There should be at least two or more available tape measures for you and your construction crew. There will be a lot of measuring to do, including measuring the length of the wood to be cut, the height of the beams and roof, etc. Precise measurements are a must.
  • Circular saw ??This power tool is essential. With the appropriate blade, the saw can cut wood, steel, tiles and other tools that may be needed for your shed.
  • Speed square ??You will need this triangle-shaped device to make basic measurements and mark lines on lumber.
  • Hammer – You will need to drive those nails into place with a good, sturdy hammer.
  • 4-inch level ??You will need this tool to determine if a surface is lined up straight.
  • Set of sawhorses ??These are beams supported by two sets of A-frame legs. They are sometimes called ??mules??when they work in pairs. Sawhorses support the wood as the saw cuts through it. They may also be used as the legs of a workbench.
  • Drill ??A drill is a power tool with attachments (drill bits) for boring holes in different construction materials, such as wood.
  • 6-foot ladder ??Unless you??re really tall, you will need the ladder to reach the tops of the walls you are building.
  • Extension ladder ??This tool will come handy when you are working on the roof of your shed.
  • Nail punch ??You will need this tool when you need to drive a nail into or below the surface of the wood without causing damage to the surrounding wood.

It may cost a bit up front if you don??t have all the tools you need to start your shed, but tools are a worthy investment. If you??re new to DIY projects, the shed can be your first big success. Beyond that, the sky??s the limit.