The garden is no longer the exclusive domain of plants and shrubs. Water features, sitting areas, and structures such as gazebos, pergolas, and sheds are now common features of a garden. Gazebos and pergolas are attractive, but they are expensive and have few functions. A shed is often a more practical addition because it can be used for a variety of different purposes.

Modern Shed Designs

(Pixabay / petrafaltermaier)

The modern shed is more than a wooden structure that is primarily intended for storage. Sheds now have various applications as well as design styles. Consider the following shed uses:

  • Garden studio – This is a small living space that could be built using structurally insulated panels for year-round comfort. It can be fitted with aluminum clad doors and windows, as well as roof lights for maximum use of daylight. It could easily serve as a guest room or even as a private retreat for its owners.
  • Artist’s studio – A garden shed could be transformed into an artist’s studio with stained wooden rafters and a deck. Set in the far corner of the garden, there can be peace and quiet for a budding artist to focus and be inspired.
  • Garden shed – Built with wooden shingles for siding and a small patio in front, this garden shed can take on the appearance of small, rural house. It can be used as a secluded getaway spot or music or reading room.
  • Storage shed – You can store your important tools and seasonal furniture in this shed. It could also double as an R&R area. Keep a lounging chair at the ready in case you want to curl up with a good book or take a quiet cat nap.
  • Backyard office – You can transform your garden shed into a small office in your backyard. With proper lighting, an Internet connection, and a small office desk and chair, the shed can be your office away from the office. Pave the area in front with gravel and add some outdoor chairs and a table, and you will have an instant conference area.

Any DIY-er with creativity and energy can transform an ordinary garden shed into something far more diverse and delightful. Looking for DIY shed-building plans? Check out our wide variety on our website: