Termites are the number one enemy of a wooden shed, or any wooden structure for that matter. Termites can easily get access to your shed and compromise it with amazing proficiency. Perhaps most insidious of all, they work with great stealth. You may never know they are there until your shed starts crumbling.


Don’t leave your wooden shed vulnerable to a termite blitzkrieg. Take the following steps to help prevent termites from destroying your property:

  • Do not affix wooden trellises to the shed’s exterior walls. The trellises could serve as a bridge, offering termites easy access to your wooden shed.
  • Keep wood debris, scrap lumber, firewood, sawdust, and mulch away from your wooden shed. If you need to keep firewood next to your shed during winter, keep the wood piles raised and off the ground.
  • Do not store wood and wood debris inside or adjacent to your shed when avoidable. You run the risk that there are termites inhabiting the wood debris, and they could easily munch their way to the walls of your shed.
  • Trim shrubs and bushes around the foundation of your wooden shed. Move mulch away from the foundation, too.
  • Remove infested trees and tree stumps near your shed.
  • Repair leaks in nearby faucets and water lines.
  • Fix leaks in the roof and gutters of the shed.
  • Remove leaves that accumulate in the gutters.
  • Inspect for and remove any wood-to-soil contact.
  • Seal all cracks in the foundation of the shed, as they will serve as easy access for the termites.

Be vigilant about watching for signs of termite infestation in your wooden shed. Look for small holes in wood, sagging doors, insect wings, and crumbling walls. These warning signs could indicate termites.

Even if none of those signs is present, though, it does not mean that you are termite-free. Ask a licensed pest management professional to conduct regular inspections of your wooden shed. Pest control specialists are properly trained in termite biology and behavior and may be able to spot termites that you aren’t able to detect. They are also trained to head off a termite invasion should they see one developing.

Even if the inspection indicates no termite activity, continue to schedule regular termite checks. These tiny creatures can strike at any time. Termites are clever, but you are, too. Outsmart them with careful preventative measures.