Building a shed is something you do not want to do twice, so it is important that you pick the right shed plan the first time around. Whatever your purpose for building a shed, there is always a corresponding style to suit your needs. Sheds come in various sizes and shapes.

Right Shed Plan for Your Needs

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The following are some of the most popular shed styles:

The Gambrel Shed

Gambrel garden sheds are ideal if you need lots of space in your shed. This is a wooden shed whose design and building process tie back to early American colonial days.The identifying characteristic of the gambrel shed is the steeply-slopedroof design. Most gambrel sheds exceed 8??x 8??

The main advantage of the gambrel shed is that you can easily truss it in order to build a loft or an attic for more headroom. People who want to use their shed as a workshop or for car storage typically choose the gambrel shed.

Gable Shed

This is the most common style among garden sheds. It has a roof that is made of two sloping sides that meet at the top, forming a ridge that runs the length of the shed??s roof.

The design of the gable shed allows for a small attic space above the main storage area underneath. The gable is great for storage of smaller items such as motorbikes and gardening equipment. Gable sheds start at 6??x 8??but can easily be expanded depending on your needs.

Lean-to Shed

This is the easiest type of shed to build as it has a single roof that slopes from the top to the bottom. It is the preferred shed type for beginner do-it-yourself builders.

A lean-to shed is ideal for storage of BBQ grills, construction equipment, and firewood. It can either be free standing or attached to a structure, such as a house. Attaching a lean-to to a house or a wall requires the construction of only three sides topped by a simple roof. You can save a lot of material and labor with the lean-to design.

Saltbox Shed

Like the gambrel style, this shed type also traces its provenanceto American colonial days. The saltbox shed has the appearance of a small house and is usually painted to match the color of the home it accompanies. One side of the roof is shorter than the other, making the roof construction quite tricky.It is scalable to any size that you need.

The most important step in the shed-building process is choosing the right plan. DIY-Plans has many different options. The plans can be instantly purchased and downloaded online. They come complete with all you need to start your shed, including a material and tools list in Excel format.